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Seminar Description

In our Real Estate Investment seminar our main goal is to impart on how to use professional techniques when evaluating investment opportunities in real estate.

It is an amazing opportunity for both beginners and practitioners to get not only the theory and strategies behind investing, but also scenarios and examples in order to understand how these strategies can be applied in real world situations.

Who Should Attend?
  • Anyone interested in getting involved in the real estate industry
  • Excellent resource for beginners who want to learn the necessities of real estate investing.
  • For beginners and experts alike, this real estate investing seminar is exceptional as it covers all the fundamental knowledge one should know in order to profit through real estate investing.
Seminar Topics
  • Introduction, expectations & desired benefits/outcomes of this seminar and more specifically of the first session
  • The Asset Market
  • Investment Strategies
  • Main definitions
  • Real Estate Investment Market
  • Influences in rents & Property values
  • ‘Macro’ factors & ‘Micro’ factors
  • Future trends of rents and values
  • Connection between Money markets and Natural Markets
  • Real Estate Cycle
  • Vacancy Rate
  • Market Rent
  • Absorption
  • Market Dynamics
  • Why invest in real estate?
  • Major Concerns and Risks
A practical approach
  • Investment analysis
  • Formulas, ratios & definitions
  • Leveraging considerations & strategy
  • Internal Rate Return
  • Return of commercial RE
RE investment & Strategy analysis
  • Analysis and ratios
  • Income & expenses of commercial investments
  • Tax implications
  • Investment analysis Vs Feasibility study
  • REITs: Analysis & strategy
  • Global & Local REITs
  • Structuring REITs & Benefits
  • Financial modelling of REITs
  • Real estate investments – internationally
  • Obstacles and disadvantages associated with investments in RE abroad
  • Portfolios of investments in commercial Real Estate abroad
  • Real estate portfolio management strategies
  • Real estate valuation
  • Market size & capital flows
  • Major global developments in the securitisation market
  • Real estate markets in different countries
  • Transparency & Liquidity
Instructor Name: Dr. George Mountis
Real Estate Investments
 Location Semeli Hotel
 Sessions 1
 Instructor Dr. George Mountis
 Price €100.00 + vat
Sessions Dates & Time
 Day 1 01 Jun 2022
 Time 09:00 - 14:00