About Us
About Us

In Delfi Academy we aim to offer educational and professional experiences as well as development opportunities for professionals by further outspreading our knowledge and experience to individuals and organizations Our services are dedicated to professional and personal development in real estate Industry which is our specialty.

Our Goal

Strategic learning and development in professional services is one of the many factors that are fundamentally shifting how professional firms do business, coupled with new technologies, changing competitive landscapes and complex client requirements.

Our Academy's goal is to build a sustainable competitive advantage in this increasingly competitive market, offering seminars that have been designed based on our long experience and expertise in the real estate sector.

Competitive Advantage

We see things that others miss, offering training and development seminars which will help you see the big picture in Real Estate. Our leading network of expert professionals who are ready to portray their knowledge and practical experience in our seminars, is our competitive advantage.

Delfi Academy aims to combine the rigorous economic thinking with a practical and strategic business approach to find solutions that add real value.